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Britney Breast and Britney Spears biography

britney spears biography:

britney breast Gin Spirs was born on December, 2nd, 1981 in Kenvude, small city in Louisiana. Ascention britney breast Spirs, probably has begun with vystuplenny at early age in church choruses and improbable draft to be well-known, its professional performances have begun only when to it 8 years were executed. Then it went to Atlanta on listening for Disney's Mickey Mouse Club Channel (MMC). As a result of it have counted too young for this purpose show, but one of producers having seen its potential and has helped it to meet the agent in New York. Three summers it has lead the following in Big Apple, being trained in the Broadway Dancing Center, and in the Vacational school of Art of Execution. In 11 years it receives the deserved place in club Mikki of the Mouse. The years lead in MMC became rotary in its destiny. Among members of this children's show were Dzhastin Timberlejk and Dzhoshua "JC" - the future members of known group " N Sync ". Also, graduates of it show were Keri Russell ("Felicity"), singer Christina Agilera, Nita But (Ms. Virginia 1998) and Rajan Rosling from " Young Hercules ". After two years lead on shootings in popular telecast in Orlando, it comes back in Kentvud and the whole year is high-grade studies in high school (then to it 14 years were already executed), but listening to songs of the favourite executors (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) its all time pulls in that old world where it was popular and known. britney breast speaks, that " I wish to be the actress young, cheerful and happy that everyone could understand my creativity ". In 15 years britney breast makes one more attempt to carry out the dream and goes to New York. The ascention of a star also has begun with it, but not without the help of two people without which talents britney breast would remain and neraskryty is Eric Foster White (Whitney Houston, Hi-Five) and Max Martin (Robyn, Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base). The devoted fan of pop - its idols were Michael Jackson, Marajja Keri and Uitni Houston - britney breast in one fine day has returned to New York, full of light hopes. It will tell: " I always wished to be the singer. This everything of what I most of all dreamed since the childhood ". And here in 15 years career the priest-performer, in the future - the priest-star has begun it solo-career. At this time britney breast has found out, that it has enormously lagged behind the school program and has been compelled to be engaged with the tutor. " The serious help in geometry and Spanish " is necessary to me, - it has told. In 17 years there is its first album " Baby One More Time " which at once finds popularity all over the world, the press names its queen , magazines print its photos on the covers, telechannels and radio stations days without a break twist its songs and clips which do not leave charts, on sales its album is pulled out on the first place, nobody expected such success, after an output of the first clip are done 3 more, each of which becomes a hit. In 19 years britney breast it is pleasant to be the little girl. As well as everything, it loves bright colors, sparkling drinks, likes to go shopping, read love novels, to spend days on a beach. The vigorous and cheerful, cheerful and charming girl from Kentvuda, state of Louisiana (the population only 1200 chel.!) Has subdued all music world a unique collection of hits from the debut album which has been let out by company Jive Records. A debut album which producers were Eric Foster Uajt (known on work with Uitni Houston) and Maks Martin (BackStreet Boys, Ace Of Base), to the full shows musical curiosity britney breast, its desire to vary and searches of the style. From a gentle melody " From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart " to a clockwork song in style "fank" " Baby One More Time ", from an incendiary reggae " Soda Pop " to heart-felt lyrics in " You Got It All "... And in each of these songs the special vocal style. britney breast speaks, that " I wish to be the actress young, cheerful and happy that everyone could understand my creativity ". Despite of constant dialogue with contempoparies, life britney breast it is difficult to name usual. Its teenage style of a life is more likely nonconventional. It it is rare when is engaged in useless affairs. " I should sing, and I like to travel " - the singer notices. After records of songs in Sweden together with Maksom Martin and in New Jersey with Fosterom Uajtom, britney breast it was ready to declare itself for the whole world. " I love performances above all and I love, when people listen to my music. I know, that I had to make much for the sake of it, but I have not passed by school and formation! When I lived at home two years ago, I was engaged much. It is remarkable, when you do that love. And consequently I prefer to be engaged in music all the same. In it I see the future ". In recent interview MTV, britney breast has told, that always wished to enter into the world of entertainments, and its parents in every possible way promoted it. After departure, from native city where there were those who did not approve its resettlement to New York in such early age, britney breast became an example for imitation another young gorozhankam, a going same career. All next year, it on visible will be strongly borrowed, and in addition to work on promotion of its new album, it wishes to return on the small screen as a guest Dawson Shout. On its recognition, it is going to remain long in music world. " I want, that music always was a part of my life " - it has told.